Wilson Tennis Racquet

Wilson tennis racquets, shoes, and balls have been the golden standard of tennis equipment over 100 years. There isn’t a tennis player out there who hasn’t used some sort of Wilson tennis product at least once throughout their playing days. The iconic Wilson “W” is recognizable on every Wilson tennis racquet and brings a level of excellence to the court that no other brand can. Wilson also sells other sporting equipment, which feature the “W” logo as well.

You can find a Wilson tennis racquet in any sporting good store or tennis club world wide. Wilson was the first company to use professional athletes and coaches as endorsers for their sporting equipment. They are a giant in the sporting world and celebrating their 100 year existence as a company.
Wilson Tennis Racquet

Wilson Tennis Players

When you think of the greatest tennis players of all-time, names like Roger Federer, Pete Sampras, Steffi Graf, and Serena Williams are typically players that first come to mind. What do all of these players share in common, they all use a Wilson tennis racquet. Many of the sports top pros, both old and new, play with Wilson tennis racquets.

History of Wilson

The Wilson Sporting Goods Company has an interesting history. Back in 1913, a meat-packing company by the name of Ashland Manufacturing, used animal by-products from its slaughterhouses to make tennis racquets and violin strings. A few years later, a man by the name of Thomas E. Wilson took over the company and renamed it the Thomas E. Wilson Company. While Wilson primarily only focused on the meat-packing business, the Wilson Company continued to flourish and expand it’s product line. They began to make football, baseball, golf, and eventually basketball equipment. Today, Wilson is no longer involved in the meat-packing business, but their sports equipment line is some of the best in the world.

Future of Wilson Racquets
The future of Wilson Racquets begins with the beautifully created and meticulously designed Pro Staff 97. This racquet was designed by none other than the great Roger Federer. His goal was to not only create a racquet worthy of the Pro Staff name, but to create a racquet that would “inspire players to go farther than they’ve ever gone before”.

The New Wilson Pro Staff RF 97

Watch this latest video of the New Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 designed by Roger Federer

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