Volley lessons for Beginner Players

The volley is probably the most important shot that beginner players rarely practice. Volley lessons for beginner players begins with the split step.

The split step

As your opponent hits the ball you will want to do a small skip and place your feet on the ground, being ready to react to where the ball is headed. A mistimed split step will allow your opponent to pass you very easily as you will not be able to react to the ball well. Here is an example of a tennis player doing a split step. His knees are bent and he has an athletic stance, ready to react to the ball. His racquet is in front of him in a neutral position and his shoulders are facing his opponent.

Volley lessons for Beginner

The hammer grip

Hold your racquet as if you were about to hammer an object. This is the proper grip for a volley. Why? Because it places your racquet perpendicular to the ground. You don’t need spin when volleying, what you want is an angle, and this grip best positions you for an angled shot.

The V

As you make contact with the ball, your racquet and arm should form a V shape. I have outlined in blue the V shape in the below picture of a pro hitting a backhand volley.

Volley v shape lessons

Don’t forget to move

When instructing volley lessons for beginner players, many times I need to remind them to move. The volley is such an unnatural movement many beginner players forget to move the rest of the body just focusing on their arm and racquet head position. As you make contact with the ball you will want to move forward with the opposite leg to the side that is hitting the ball. So step forward with your left leg if you are right handed for a forehand volley.

Use your opponent’s power

As mentioned earlier, a great volley comes from a great angle, not power. The goal of the volley is to use the power from your opponent shot to redirect the ball to the angle you want to hit.

Here is an excellent video that shows you how to volley:

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