Types of Tennis Rackets for Intermediate Players

At some point you have decided you’re not a beginner tennis player anymore. Maybe you ripped a few passing shots or hit a few aces, but it’s now time to upgrade your hardware, by that I mean your tennis racket. The types of tennis rackets for intermediate players are vast. It is easy to get lost in a sea of features, let’s break down exactly what type of racket you need.

 types of tennis rackets for intermediate players

First things first, a pro’s racket is most likely not right for you

Many players watch the pros and pick out the racket based on what the pros are using. This is a bad move to say the least. The pros have spent countless hours finding the racket that best suits their game. Many are even customized, not right off the shelf like many club players would use. Do not make the mistake of watching a pro you like on TV then going to buy their racket, it will most likely do your game more harm than good.

Look to the net

Not the tennis net, but the internet. The internet has a vast array of resources for helping you understand and even choose the right racket for you. The most accurate site is, of course, tennisracket.me which uses an algorithm to analyze the top 300 rackets on the market and matches it to your playing style. Over 4,500 data points are compared. Simply answer a few questions about your game and bam, in under 2 minutes you will get presented with the best choices for you. Best of all it’s free, so take advantage of it.

Demo like there is no tomorrow

Never ever buy a racket without demoing it first. Think of it like driving a car. You don’t just see a car commercial then go down to the car lot to buy a car right? Exactly, each racket is different. Just watch the move Harry Potter to see what I mean. Harry had to go to a wand store and try many different wands until one just clicked. When you are holding the right racket, you’ll know it. Try demoing a head heavy racket, a head light racket, a racket with a midsized head and one with an oversized head and note the features you like about each. Experiment with weight, size and balance.

The types of tennis rackets for intermediate players can vary so much, be sure to playtest them thoroughly before buying anything.

Exemplify your strengths, not your weakness

Many players mistakenly think that they should buy a racket that improves their weakness. The only thing that will improve your weakness is technique and practice. You want a racket that will allow you to take advantage of your strength. Maybe it’s a light racket that pops a nice crisp volley or maybe it is a head heave racket that puts even more power on your already powerful forehand. Whatever the case, if it makes your strength better, go for it.

We’ve developed a proprietary algorithm that finds your perfect tennis racket. Answer a few questions and we’ll analyze thousands of data points and scour the latest and greatest available rackets for you. Our unbiased and accurate results will save you tons of time and improve your game. Stop guessing at what racket you need and know for sure in under 2 minutes.

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