Types of Tennis Racket for Advanced Players

When entering a sports store or browsing online the choice of available tennis rackets can be overwhelming, even for an advanced player.  There are so many different brands being used by the top players that it can be difficult to distinguish between them.  However, this can be done by assessing the level at which you are currently playing.  The types of tennis rackets for advanced players, such as yourself, will be different to what you would be looking for as a beginner. When looking at the types of tennis racket for advanced players, you need to be aware of several factors which make up the overall composition of the racket.

Types of Tennis Racket for Advanced Players


The weight of the racket is a great example, and as an advanced player, you will want a racket weighing between 11.5 and 13 ounces.  A tennis racket at this weight will absorb more of the vibration from the ball which will give you more control.  The racket will be steady in your hand and the movements you make with it will be more precise, allowing you to get the racket in the exact position you want it to be when playing your shots.  The balance of the racket will also help with this and you want it to be head-light.  This will help with the maneuverability of the racket as although the racket is quite heavy, most of the weight is in the handle.

In terms of head size, the types of tennis racket for advanced players will have a head size between 85 and 94 square inches.  This also helps when controlling shots and having a good feel for the tennis ball.  You do not need the forgiveness a larger head size offers so it makes sense to downsize and have a smaller one which will allow you to play a full range of shots.

You should also check the flex rating of the racket.  The more flexible the racket the more control you will have and the more comfortable it will feel in your hand.  The stiffer the racket becomes the less feel you will have for the ball.  Look for tennis rackets with a flex of around 45 to 65.  Examples of this include the Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 85.  This has a head size of 85 square inches, giving you excellent feel and precision on your shots.  This racket also weighs 12.5 ounces which is well inside the premium weight for an advanced player.  Another great example of a tennis racket for advanced players is the Yonex VCORE Tour F 93.  This racket has a larger head size of 93 square inches and weighs in at 11.5 ounces.  This is great for those who are not quite ready for a heavier racket such as the Wilson Pro Staff 6.0.

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