The Scary Netherdrake Viper: Top 3 Heroes Can Beat Viper

The Scary Netherdrake Viper: Top 3 Heroes Can Beat Viper

The scary Netherdrake Viper is known for causing a lot of trouble in Dota 2 matches. But don’t worry—we’re going to show you three heroes who have plans and skills to stop Viper’s poisonous attack.

The Scary Netherdrake Viper: Riki is an unusual counter-striker

To keep enemies away, Viper’s strength is in constantly harassing the enemy lane with stacked poisons. Riki comes in as a surprising but powerful counter, as kYxY showed. Riki’s early-game skills and high mobility make her a dangerous teammate with supports like Grimstroke or Witch Doctor who can take over a lane.

Riki’s Tricks of the Trade isn’t just a cool move; it changes everything. With this skill, Riki can avoid Viper’s auto-attacks and even the famed Viper Strike. Blink Strike makes sure that Riki can quickly close the gap or get away from dangerous scenarios. Smoke Screen can be used strategically to mess up Viper’s spells and make him miss important strikes. If you give Riki a Diffusal Blade, Viper will be caught in a web of moves that stop him, which will defeat his harmful plans.

The Scary Netherdrake Viper: The Dark Seer: Using Viper’s Powers

Dark Seer might not be very good at laning against Viper, but when teams start to group up, that’s when he really shines. Dark Seer gets close to Viper because of Ion Shell, which changes his chosen range. With the Aghanim Scepter, the game takes an interesting turn when the unique power Normal Punch is added. This punch hurts and stuns enemies depending on Dark Seer’s recent moves. It’s a very important tool for keeping Viper away.

Surge, Dark Seer’s power that makes Viper’s life terrible, is the real star of the show. Surge lets friends move at full speed, which is faster than Viper, who relies on slowing down enemies. In team fights, the Vacuum and Wall combo is the cherry on top because it messes up Viper’s plans. It takes a while for Dark Seer to level up, but once he does, he’s the best way to defend against Viper.

Abaddon: Getting rid of Viper’s contaminated arsenal

Viper’s power depends on stacking Poison Attack, which makes heroes whose dispels are important counters. Abaddon, who is a strong friend, turns out to be a powerful cure. The Aphotic Shield becomes Abaddon’s main weapon. It gets rid of Poison Attack stacks and hits close enemies with a damaging explosion while protecting Abaddon’s health.

Abaddon’s Mist Coil makes Viper’s damage-over-time plan even more complicated by giving allies a chance to heal during long battles. The hero’s best card, Burrowed Time, is like a trump card. It removes all negative affects on Abaddon and starts working automatically when his health is low. This makes him a strong force on the battlefield.

Even though melee heroes often have trouble against Viper, Abaddon has an amazing 55% win rate against him thanks to his wide range of tools. He not only counters Dota 2 Viper well, but he also stays around for a long time during long battles.

In the end SLOT DEPO 10K, Riki, Dark Seer, and Abaddon are the winners. Each with their own special skills and tactics to stop Viper’s evil plans. Viper needs to learn how to fight strategically. It’s time to defeat him.