Tennis Racquet String Pattern for Intermediate Players

As your tennis game begins advancing, so to should your knowledge of your equipment. Understanding every detail of what your equipment can do for you on the court will make a huge difference in your game. In transitioning from a beginner to intermediate player, most players begin using spin on their ground strokes. Outside of technique, the racquet and its features plays a big part in the amount of spin on the shot. The tennis racquet string pattern for intermediate players is a key aspect in the racquet that can make a big difference on the court.

The Tweener Racquet

In our beginner string pattern article, we discussed the difference between an open and closed string pattern, and the effects each has on the ball. The open string pattern can have as few as 16 main by 17 crosses (16×17), while the close has as much as 18 main by 20 crosses (18×20). If you haven’t figured it out already, the tweener racquet falls in-between those two extremes. That way you get the power from the open racquet, and the control from the closed racquet. Most commonly, a tweener racquet has a string pattern of 16 main by 19 crosses, but there are a lot of different string pattern combinations.
Tennis Racquet String Pattern for Intermediate

Which racquet should I choose?

So what’s the best tennis racquet string pattern for intermediate players? Since every player and racquet is unique, it’s always recommended to demo a racquet before buying it. However, for intermediate players, it’s recommended to use a tweener racquet. A string pattern on a tweener racquet will provide you with both the power and control to take your game to the next level. The string pattern is one of the most important things to know before buying a racquet.

Check out this video from Clay Ballard explaining why string pattern is so important when picking a tennis racquet.

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