Tennis Racquet String Pattern for Beginner Players

Have you ever watched a tennis match and, in-between points, seen a player look at the strings of their racquet and adjust them? It’s strange really. What are they doing? The strings don’t move that much during a single point, so why are they adjusting their strings? While the answer could simply be that the player is nervous and they’re adjusting their strings as a distraction from the moment, one would assume that there’s more to the story, and they’d be right. Tennis racquet string pattern for beginner to advanced players play a critical role in the amount of spin, control, and power that a racquet can produce, and every small change can make a huge difference.

Dense vs. Open String Pattern

The string pattern of the racquet is defined as the number of times the string crosses the racquet both vertically, known as mains, and horizontally, known as crosses. There is a wide variety of string patterns available on the market. Racquets with more mains and crosses are known as being denser, while racquets with fewer mains and crosses are described as being more open. The patterns can be anywhere from as open as 16 main by 17 crosses (16×17) to as dense as 18 main by 20 crosses (18×20). The racquet will perform differently depending on how open or dense the racquet is. The more open the racquet string power, the more power and spin a racquet can generate. It will also absorb shock better than a dense racquet. The denser a racquet, the more control and feel a racquet will have.
Tennis Racquet String Pattern for Beginner

Which one should I choose?

So what’s the best tennis racquet string pattern for beginner players? While it’s always recommended to demo a racquet before buying it, for beginning players it’s recommended to use a racquet with a more open string pattern. The racquet will feel more comfortable in your hands and the added power will allow you to take easy swings and still have effective results. The more you get used to experimenting with strings, the more advanced your combination will get, like Roger Federer’s reverse hybrid string pattern.

Learn how tennis string pattern affect power and spin.

How Tennis String Pattern Affects POWER & SPIN
In this video we will go over how tennis string pattern affects power, spin, and d…

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