Tennis Racquet Head Size for Beginner Players

There are few things more important than the size of the head of your tennis racquet. It is common to think that the bigger the racquet head the better. But that is not always the case, in fact, in many cases, it is best to have a smaller than average tennis racquet head. The tennis racquet head size for beginner players is most important when factoring your coordination skills. To put it bluntly, if your coordination isn’t the best, perhaps a larger head size is best for you, but the larger the head size, the more you will be sacrificing control.

To be clear, the head of the racquet is where the ball meets the racquet, it is the string bed in which the ball impacts the racquet. Racquet head sizes typically range from 85-135 square inches. Oversized head sizes, which beginners generally choose usually start at a size of 106 square inches.

Theoretically, the larger the head size, the more power the racquet will offer. A smaller head size will produce more control. Why is this? Think of it like this, with a large racquet head the ball will sink deeper into the string bed (like a trampoline), thus, increasing the bounce back into the ball upon impact.

Tennis Racquet Head Size for Beginner

Margin for error

The tennis racquet head size for beginner players is usually larger than that of an amateur or pro player simply because of the margin for error. When you are a beginner player, you typically want to focus on hitting the ball squarely on the strings, and when your string bed is larger, it is easier to accomplish that task. The more advanced you get, typically the smaller your head size becomes.

Which one should I choose?

There is a lot more to consider besides racquet head size. Always demo a racquet first. However, if you have less than two years’ experience playing tennis on a regular basis, demo a racquet head that is at least 106 square inches. You will find no loss in control (as you probably don’t have much yet) and you will find it easier on your arm than a racquet with a smaller head size.

Watch this video to decode which head size is best for you.

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