Tennis Racquet Head Size for Beginner Players

There are many components to consider when selecting which tennis racquet you will use as a beginner.  This will be your first steps into the sport and getting your choice of tennis racquet right the first time will save you a lot of trouble a few months down the line.  You do not want to use a tennis racquet for 8 weeks only to find it is not quite right for you as a beginner player.  One aspect you must consider when choosing a tennis racquet is the size of the head.  This guide will help you select a tennis racquet head size for beginner players.

Tennis Racquet Head Size for Beginner Players

Essentially, when choosing a tennis racquet head size for beginner players keep in mind that a larger head size means more power.  This is a generalization and may not be true 100% of the time when dealing with tennis racquets at the highest level and most expensive price tag.  However, when you are starting out as a tennis player you do not need to be spending a lot of money on your racquet.

Going by the principle of a larger head meaning more power, you should be looking at racquets which have a large head size.  These are often referred to as ‘over-sized’ racquets.

In terms of measurements a tennis racquet head size for beginner players should be between 105 and 140 square inches.  A tennis racquet with a head size between these measurements will give you more power without you having to worry about getting your technique correct all the time.  With the power being taken care of by your racquet, you do not have to concentrate on trying to hit the ball hard every time it comes to your side of the net.  Instead, you can focus on getting your technique correct, whether that be foot position or your swing.

A larger head size also increases your margin for error.  Whereas a tennis racquet with a small head size would produce a poor shot if you failed to hit the sweet spot, a tennis racquet with a large head size offers more forgiveness.  Even if you do not hit the ball in the center of the strings there is still a very good chance you will make the shot due the increased hitting surface of a tennis racquet with a larger head size.

As you will be learning new shots and technique every time you play as a beginner it’s important to have a tennis racquet which will allow you to make these shots with as much regularity as possible.  It’s no good trying to learn new shots when you are fighting against your racquet just to get a clean connection with the ball.  A tennis racquet head size for beginner players will help you learn and enjoy the sport.

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