Tennis Racquet Head Size for Advanced Players

When choosing a tennis racquet, the head size of the racquet is often the most misunderstood aspect of the selection process.  Many people consider a larger head size to mean the tennis racquet has a larger sweet spot and will result in great shots, every time.  However, this is not the case.  Yes, having a larger head size means the racquet will be more forgiving, in that a slightly mishit shot will still go over the net and remain in play.  That being said, when choosing a tennis racquet head size for advanced players, we should not be thinking about mishit shots. Tennis Racquet Head Size for Advanced Players Being an advanced player, you should be able to generate your own power, through good shot technique.  Therefore, the increased power which comes with using a tennis racquet with a large sized head is not required.  In addition, by having a large head size the margin of error is increased, as mentioned above but again, as an advanced player, this is not of any interest.  We are already be finding the sweet spot of the racquet, without the need to worry about how much margin for error we have available.  So, the advantage gained by having a tennis racquet with a large head size is lost on an advanced player and we need to look at a smaller size, to see if this will be more suitable. Tennis racquet head size for advanced players should begin at 88 square inches and go up to no more than 95 square inches.  The smaller head size makes the racquet easier to maneuver and as an advanced player, this is exactly what we are looking for.  We no longer require any assistance on the mechanics of the shot, power generation or increased margin for error, instead, we are concentrating on the control of the tennis ball. A smaller head size increases the control we have on the tennis racquet and this allows us to position it easily, for the shots we want to play.  Whether it be a heavy topspin forehand or delicate drop-shot at the net, a racquet with a small head size, will give us the best opportunity of controlling these shots, exactly as we want them.  A racquet with a large head size will make the performance of the shot more difficult and limit the way in which we can play it.  As an advanced player, we want to have complete control over all aspects of our play and a tennis racquet with a small head size, between 88 and 95 square inches, will allow us to do just that. By using a tennis racquet head size for advanced players, it means we need to have a solid and fast swing to produce the desired power in the shot but this comes mainly from good technique.  An advanced player should have no problem generating power in their shots, making a larger head size unnecessary. If you want a racquet perfectly suited for your game, check out We’ve developed a proprietary algorithm that finds your perfect tennis racket. Answer a few questions and we’ll analyze thousands of data points and scour the latest and greatest available rackets for you. Our unbiased and accurate results will save you tons of time and improve your game. Stop guessing at what racket you need and know for sure in under 2 minutes.

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