Tennis Racquet Head Size for Advanced Players

The better the tennis player you become the greater the repertoire of shots you will have at your disposal.  However, there is nothing more frustrating than trying to play a delicate drop shot or topspin lob to find something is holding you back.  If you have kept the same tennis racquet throughout your development as a player it may be time to look at it and think about getting a new one.  When purchasing a new tennis racquet there are several things to consider.  The correct tennis racquet head size for advanced players is one of those things.

Tennis Racquet Head Size for Advanced Players

The difference in head size of tennis racquets may be the most noticeable different between them when you see racquets on display in a sports store.  Tennis racquet head size for advanced players can measure anywhere between 80 to 94 square inches.  Racquets with a head size between these measurements are often referred to as being mid-size racquets.  If you are in a sports store and you are unsure about the head size of the different racquets ask a member of staff where the mid-size racquets are and they should be able to point you in the right direction.

So, why would you want to choose a smaller head size as an advanced player?

At this stage of your tennis development, you will be producing much of the power in your shots by yourself.  This will come through a combination of your own athleticism and sound technique.  Therefore, having a larger racquet head size to help you generate power in your shots is not necessary.  Essentially you are carrying around a larger sized tennis racquet in your hand for no reason.

As you can produce a long and fast swing you do not need a racquet which is going to assist you with this aspect of your game.  What you do need is a tennis racquet which will help you get the best feel and control for the ball as possible.  A mid-size tennis racquet will enable you to do that.  They are less forgiving meaning anything other than a technically good shot may cause you problems but as you are playing at an advanced level, this will not be a problem.  Instead you are more interested in having a racquet which will allow you to control your delicate drop shots over the net and stop them dead inside the service box.  A mid-size racquet will give you that added control and feel.  So, if your technique on the shot is very good you can expect the results to be excellent when using a tennis racquet with a head size for advanced players.

The smaller the head size becomes the easier it will be for you to maneuver the racquet into the exact position you want it to be for your shots.  Playing at an advanced level, it is important you can get your racquet into these positions quickly and a mid-size racquet will help you to do that.

In summary, a tennis racquet head size for advanced players offers better control and feel which is precisely what you need at this level of play.

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