Tennis Racquet Buying Guide

In this tennis racquet buying guide we will show you the main factors affecting how the racquet impacts a ball. There are three main aspects of a tennis racket that affect your game play. These are head size, weight, and balance. Let’s do a deep dive into each of those categories.

tennis racquet buying guide

The above graphic shows how complex a tennis racquet buying guide can be. The purpose of this tennis racquet buying guide is not to go into detail of each aspect of a racquet, but to outline the few aspects that make up 80% of what you need to know.

Tennis Racquet Head Size

As you develop as a tennis player your needs will change in terms of the equipment you are using and that includes your tennis racquet.  You will have noticed when choosing your first tennis racquet they come in different weights and sizes.  These are two of the most important things to consider when buying a tennis racquet and should be your priority over the color or design of the paint work.  The following tips will help you when choosing a tennis racquet head size for intermediate players.

The perfect tennis racquet head size for intermediate players can be more difficult to pin down than that of a beginner.  As a beginner you want the racquet to produce as much of the power as possible with the biggest margin of error.  However, as you develop your needs as a player chance and so should your tennis racquet.

The tennis racquet head size for intermediate players should be anywhere between 95 to 105 square inches.

As the head size of a tennis racquet gets smaller the potential power of the racquet falls with it.  You may be wondering why you would want to lose power potential in your racquet as an intermediate player?  Well, it is not about losing power and more about gaining control over your shots.

As an intermediate tennis player, you will need a good balance of power and control from your tennis racquet.  By choosing a tennis racquet head size for intermediate players between 95 to 105 square inches you will have this balance.  The racquet will still produce some power for you.  It will not do as much as a beginner racquet with a larger head size but it will be enough for a player of your standard.

However, the real benefit of a tennis racquet with a head size between 95 to 105 square inches is the increased control you will have when playing your shots.  As an intermediate player, you will want to start playing shots with more precision.  Think of a nice drop shot for example.  A tennis racquet with a head size for intermediate players will give you a greater feel for a shot like this and allow you to control the depth, spin, and direction of the ball more easily than a racquet with a larger head size.  There is nothing more infuriating as an intermediate player than not having a good feel for your shots.

Tennis racquets with a head size between 95 to 105 square inches will help you develop your game.  There is a trade-off with power for the greater control your tennis racquet will give you but for some players, this will hardly be noticeable.  A tennis racquet head size for intermediate players provides a balance between power and control and is probably the most popular racquet on the market today.

Tennis Racquet Weight

A great deal of thought should go into every decision you make regarding your tennis equipment.  The equipment you buy is going to be used by you over a long period so you want to make sure you make the correct decision first time.  Your tennis racket is undoubtedly your most important piece of tennis equipment and therefore plenty of consideration should go into buying one.  The type of racket you will require when playing at an advanced level will differ from that of a beginner.  There are several things to keep in mind when considering tennis racket weight for advanced players.

The weight of tennis rackets commonly available in sports stores and online will be anywhere between 9 and 12 ounces.  You may find some extremes outside of this range for most people a tennis racket inside this range is perfect.

Tennis rackets toward the lighter end of the scale, such as 9 to 10 ounces are more suited for beginner players because they are easier to swing and power can be generated without the need for great technique.  However, tennis racket weight for advanced players should be heavier than this and heading towards the 12-ounce range.

The reason for this is because tennis rackets in this weight bracket offer more control and feel to the player.  As an advanced player, you already have the technique in place to not have to worry about creating the power on your shots.  This comes naturally to you due to having sound technical ability.  Therefore, you will be looking for a racket which will give you good control of your shots and a heavier weight racket will provide that.

Keep in mind during a long match how a heavy weight racket may contribute to fatigue.  So, although you are an advanced player and want to bring more control to your game you need to know a heavier tennis racket is going to be more energy consuming to use.  Do not pick the heaviest racket you can find because you believe this will give you precise control over every shot.  If you cannot hold the racket for long periods of time without tiring you need to find something lighter.

When choosing tennis racket weight for advanced players do not be tempted to select the heaviest weight racket you can find.  Try numerous rackets between the weight of 11 and 12 ounces.  If these are comfortable and easy for you to use, looking at rackets up to the weight of 13 ounces is also an option.  Just because you have the technique to use a heavy weight racket does not mean you have the strength.  Take your time and choose wisely.

Tennis Racquet Balance

There are many things which must be considered when buying a tennis racquet as a beginner and one of those is the balance of a racquet.  A common mistake made by beginners is to choose the tennis racquet which looks the most appealing or is similar to the one their favorite player is using.  However, there is much more to it than that and one of the key factors is the right balance of tennis racquet for beginners.

Right Balance of Tennis Racquet for Beginners

Why is getting the right balance of tennis racquet for beginners important?  The balance of the racquet is basically where the center of the weight is located along the frame of the tennis racquet.  Therefore, the balance is not only dependent on the weight of the racquet but also the distance at which the weight is applied on the frame and handle.

If a tennis racquet has the weight towards the handle, it will feel lighter when in hand, in comparison to when the weight is in the head of the racquet.  The balance is usually measured from the end of the handle (the butt) upwards towards the head of the racquet.  It can range from 290mm to 360mm and anything which is above 330mm is considered to be a head-heavy racquet.  Any tennis racquet which comes in at 315mm or lower is considered to be head-light and anything between 315mm to 330mm is balanced.

I hope you enjoyed this quick tennis racquet buying guide, we’ll dive into more of the aspects of a racquet in later articles.


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