Tennis Racket Weight for Intermediate Players

Selecting the right racket weight is crucial, especially if you want to advance your game. But how do you know what weight is right? Won’t any weight do? Yes, any weight will do, but to prevent injury and get the most out of your strokes, it is worth it to research the issue a bit. Here are some helpful hints to select the right tennis racket weight for intermediate players.

Tennis Racket Weight for Intermediate

The balance point

Just as important as the weight of the racket is how it is balanced. Head heavy and head light rackets can have a much different feel and swing weight and impact the ball very differently even though they may be the same weight. My recommendation is to playtest both head heavy, evenly balanced and head light rackets and see which one you like the best.

Stay away from reviews

Too many players go to review sites and see what everyone else thought about the racket. It is bad to discount a racket that someone else didn’t like, unless of course, there are many people complaining about the same issue. Each racket swings differently for everyone. If the specs are right, playtest it. Head over to, answer the questions and see what rackets the algorithm recommends. The results may surprise you. At the very least you will narrow down a field of 300 rackets to about 4-5 that will suite your game very well.

Use a ball machine or hitting partner

For beginner players, this tip may not be a good one, but tennis racket weight for intermediate players can be determined by using a ball machine or hitting partner. Try hitting the ball to the same spot using the same stroke 25 times in a row. If your arm feels fatigued or your racket feels heavy, you need to move to a light weight.

Don’t forget lead tape

Let’s say you find a racket that feels great and performs well, but is just is a bit too light. Try applying lead tape to increase the weight. Just a little bit goes a surprisingly long way.

We’ve developed a proprietary algorithm that finds your perfect tennis racket. Answer a few questions and we’ll analyze thousands of data points and scour the latest and greatest available rackets for you. Our unbiased and accurate results will save you tons of time and improve your game. Stop guessing at what racket you need and know for sure in under 2 minutes.

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