Tennis Racket Head Size for Intermediate Players

A tennis racket head size for intermediate players is directly proportional to how well you strike the ball. As a beginner player you most likely used an oversize racket because striking the ball in the center of the racket was your primary concern. However, as you got better, your concern shifted to consistency, power and accuracy. For those items, an over sized racket may not be right for you.

Tennis Racket Head Size for Intermediate Players

So what’s the best head size?

There is no best racket for every intermediate player, but the best one for you will probably have a head sized be between 100 and 105. This type of racket provides a larger sweet spot for clean crisp shots but also is forgiving enough for off center shots. As you get better, you will want the feel of a smaller racket head size.

What about weight?

Weight is a huge factor when determining the tennis racket head size for intermediate players.  You will want a racket that is light enough to be nimble at the net but heavy enough to pound a baseline winner. A strung weight of 290-310g should do the trick. This weight allows the racket to maneuver well and be powerful enough for intermediate rallies.

Is string gauge important?

Yes, string gauge is very important. It is common for an intermediate player to buy a 16 gauge string. 16 gauge strings are durable, but lack feel. Conversely, an 18 gauge string will break a lot but the feel is phenomenal. I personally like the 17 gauge string. It provides plenty of feel and enough durability to last a few matches before breaking.

What’s the deal with the string pattern?

String patterns may or may not play an important role for you. An open string pattern (sometimes referred to as a 16 main and 20 cross) has more space between the strings and adds more spin to the ball as opposed to the dense or closed string pattern. A dense string pattern (sometimes referred to as an 18 main and 20 cross) has less space between the strings and adds more control to your strokes. I would suggest playtesting a racket with both. You may not even notice a difference. If and when you get to the club pro level, you will notice a difference.

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