tennis racket buying guideThe entire reason we created is because we wanted to make it easier for people to find their perfect tennis racket. This tennis racket buying guide is intended to give you an overview of some of the most important aspects of choosing the right racket. There are dozens of factors that affect how a racket feels to a player when it impacts the ball. A comprehensive article on choosing the right tennis racket can be found here.

Tennis Racket Buying Guide

Think of it like Harry Potter and his magic wand. Harry searched for the perfect wand and none of them did the magic he wanted, but when he picked up one particular wand they bonded instantly and magic was created instantly. Finding the perfect tennis racket provides the same feeling of gratitude to a tennis player. The problem is, a vast majority of the players, even advanced ones, are playing with the wrong racket. Many people choose a racket based on what their favorite players are playing with or what their friends are playing with, and that, or course is the wrong way to choose a racket.

There are tons of resources for learning how to find the perfect tennis racket. If you are interested in learning more, check out this 4 part Youtube series by Clay Ballard:

Picking a Tennis Racket

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

After you’ve watched this 4 part series, head over to our homepage and take the survey. By answering a few questions about yourself and your game we will narrow the over 300 racket choices you have. ¬†Once you get your top 5 or so options, it’s time to demo.

Always Demo the Racket First

A good tennis racket buying guide would not be complete without discussing demos. A demo is when you find a racket that you want to try first. One of my favorite demo programs is Tennis Warehouse. All you pay for is shipping, simply choose up to 4 rackets you want to try and pre-pay for shipping both ways. You can keep the rackets for up to a week with no obligation to buy. If you decide you don’t like any of those rackets, you can simply pick 4 more to demo.

When demo’ing rackets, be sure to fully test out the racket hitting all sorts of shots from groundstrokes to serves to volleys.

This tennis racket buying guide was meant to be only an overview of what you need to know to pick your perfect racket. Education is the most important aspect and demo’ing the racket is a close second. You can vastly streamline the process by taking the survey on our homepage and narrow down your top 5 rackets, saving hours of time.

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