Tennis Lessons for Intermediate Players

Having worked on your tennis game for some time, you must make the decision to take the step up and work on improving the finer aspects of your game, if you are going to continue to develop.  Tennis lessons for intermediate players will help you to take your game to the next level and add a new range of techniques and shots to your armory.

Tennis Lessons for Intermediate Players

The crosscourt forehand shot, should be one of your strongest shots but just being able to get it over the net, is not going to be enough to win the point at intermediate level, we need to be more accurate than that.  Tennis lessons for intermediate players, involves playing with a partner and placing two cones, one in either side of the court, about 1 meter inside both the baseline and singles line.  The idea, is for each player to stand just behind each cone and rally to each other across the court, aiming to hit the cone.  You should be hitting the ball at least 10 times each, before the rally breaks down but the key here, is the accuracy of the shot and if you can hit the cone, you win a point.  The first to five points, is the winner.  By completing this, you will start thinking about the placement of your shots and working on your accuracy,

Something you will find costing you points again and again at intermediate level, are unforced errors.  There are times when your opponent will hit a great serve or shot and you are unable to return it, there is nothing to be done about that.  However, we can cut out our own mistakes and stop gifting the opponent free points because it is hard enough to win without giving them a head start.  Many tennis lessons for intermediate player’s center around technique, which is great but sometimes it’s better to work on managing game situations and for this lesson, you need to play with a partner.

Decide who is going to serve and play out a normal point.  Each time you make an unforced error, you get a mark against your name.  Only unforced errors count and once you have three marks against your name, you lose and must complete ten push-ups in the middle of the court.  Start again and repeat, with the same rules.  The more push-ups you end up doing the, the more tired you will feel but this is good because during a match at intermediate level, you may start to feel tired as the match progresses and will need to keep unforced errors down to a minimum.

Our final tennis lesson for intermediate players is concerning the volley.  As you progress, you may decide to come into the net more often and this will result in playing the volley shot on a regular basis.  The key to making a good volley, is not to punch the ball but push it over the net.  Let the racket absorb the power in the ball and almost in the same forward motion you would make as if to catch a ball, push it back over the net.  To practice this, hold the racket in place at the net and have someone throw the ball directly at it.  Do not punch at the ball, instead, allow the ball to push your racket back.  Do this ten times, by then, you will know how it feels.  The next step, is to move the arm slowly forward, at the same time it is being pushed back by the ball.  Keep practicing until you can move the racket slowly forward, at the same time it is being pushed back with the ball.  It may be difficult and even feel a little strange at first but once it clicks, it’s a technique and feel you will retain throughout your tennis playing life.  It’s amazing how much control you can get on your volleys at the net, when using this technique and it’s one of the top tennis lessons for intermediate players.

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