Tennis Lessons for Beginners – What’s the best route to take?

You know how they say with most fitness related routines, getting started is the hard part? Well you’re in luck if you’re taking up tennis as a beginner. Getting started is actually the easy part of this journey. Tennis can be addictive, the first time you feel the ball hit the sweet spot of your racket and actually go in the direction that you intended, you’ll be hooked.  Just keep in mind that this magical moment will probably be brought to you courtesy of a local tennis teaching professional or tennis pro in a tennis lessons for beginners class.

If you happen to belong to a country club or gym with tennis courts simply inquire with the personnel about how to get started. Keep in mind though; getting started at your local public tennis courts is a perfectly acceptable, more affordable option as well. Do a Google search, call the tennis centers in your area and simply inquire about tennis lessons for beginners. They’ll give you options for group classes or drills as well as private classes with a teaching pro. Group classes are not only the cheaper way to get going, but also tend to be a bit more fun. After all, if you’re new to the sport you should be meeting other people at or around your level in order to start creating a contact list of playing partners.

tennis lessons for beginners

Getting in gear

So you’ve decided to join a tennis lessons for beginners class that starts next week, but the only racket in your garage looks like a replica of something Billie Jean King hit with in the ‘70s or perhaps is pink and small with a Hello Kitty logo? No worries. Many tennis centers allow you to rent demo rackets for the first few weeks of playing until you’re ready to invest in your first racket. You can also use our free service to help guide you in the right direction as you demo different rackets. As far as shoes and clothes are concerned, if wearing Serena’s latest grand slam gear gets your mojo going, more power to you, but any type of athletic wear and shorts with pockets(to hold those trusty tennis balls) will do. Cross trainers with a non-marking sole can also be used in your first few beginner tennis lessons while you’re deciding which tennis shoe is right for you.

Staying in the game

You made it through a few lessons, and you’re having a ball, but your shoulders and arm are sore and let’s face it, getting up to that ball is a struggle at times.Injuries occur for one of a few reasons, overuse, poor form, and an unbalanced body. Keep those muscles balanced by cross training! Tennis alone is not a healthy fitness regime. Running, cross fit, Yoga, Pilates, weights, variety is key. Most importantly, and this can’t be emphasized enough, pay attention to your teaching pro in those tennis lessons!

Tennis is like anything else, practice makes perfect.  Tennis lessons  are so important because muscle memory begins to set in for better or for worse within the first few swings of the racket. Make sure you take consistent lessons and listen to the cues your teaching pro gives you like moving your feet, keeping your eye on the ball and purposefully feel the ball on the strings as you follow… all the way through. It’s easier to create good habits than it is to break bad ones.  You can practice many aspects of your game at home or alone. Look at yourself in the mirror as you practice those forehands and backhands.  The better your form is, the easier it is to avoid injury and keep hitting that sweet spot.

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