Tennis Lessons for Advanced Players

The more you work on your game and the better tennis player you become the more accomplished players you will meet in your matches.  As an advanced player you want to be challenged in your tennis matches.  There is little point in playing matches against players you know you can defeat comfortably.  You will not develop if you continue to do that but when playing against players who can match you in terms of ability, it can be difficult to beat them.  Tennis lessons for advanced players will help you in overcoming the top players at your club.

Tennis Lessons for Advanced Players

In the modern game, many players tend to stay on the baseline.  Coming into the net is a secondary option and you will find a lot of players prefer staying back and can be afraid of coming to the net.  Look out for this when you play your next match and if your opponent is not coming to the net very much it could be the sign of a weakness you can exploit.  To do that, you will need to bring your opponent into the net and tennis lessons for advanced players will help you do that.

There is no better time to use this strategy than on your opponent’s second serve.  When the second serve is coming to your backhand side which a lot of players may be targeting, use the backhand slice to bring your opponent into the net.  You will already be using this shot to return second serves but in a defensive way.  We want to turn this into an attacking play.

Many second serves at an advanced level will have spin and a high bounce.  This means you need to get your racquet in a high position to slice the ball back over the net.  Instead of trying to return it as deep as possible, aim your shot low over the net and towards the tramline.  Positioning your shot in this way will bring your opponent in towards the net to play their next shot.  You do not have to play a drop shot but the ball needs to be bouncing around the top of the T-line of the service box.  This will be enough to bring your opponent towards the net and if they are baseline player it will make them feel uncomfortable.

From this position, they will feel as though they should go to the net having played their shot.  The shot they will play will not be attacking, instead, you are likely to receive a shot which will be defensive and you can use to your advantage.  Even if your slice return finds the center of the court, it does not matter if you make it bounce around the area of the service box line.

With your opponent in no-man’s land, you can play a comfortable passing shot.  Either one side of the court will be open or if they are in the centre of the court you can play the side which you are strongest on.

This, as many tennis lessons for advanced players do, will take a little practice before you can perfect the play.  However, the reward is winning the point so it is worth taking the time to add this tactic to your game.

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