Tennis Grip for Beginners

How you hold the racquet is key when learning how to play tennis. Holding the racquet correctly can be the difference between hitting your ground strokes in consistently or constantly missing. The most common tennis grip for beginner tennis players is the continental grip. It’s the first grip that nearly all players learn and is also the most versatile. This article will focus on the continental grip and why it’s the best tennis grip for beginners.

Holding the Grip

Ever heard the expression “shake hands with the racquet”? The tennis grip for beginners begins with the continental grip, which is often described as shaking hands. While shaking hands with the racquet will get you close, to be more specific, we must understand that the grip of a racquet is shaped as an octagon. Ideally, if you are right-handed, you want to have the base of your index finger on the second bevel of the tennis racquet. For left-handers, the base of your finger should be on the eight bevel.

tennis grip for beginners

Hitting with a continental grip

What makes the continental grip a must learn for most beginning tennis players is it’s ease in versatility. The grip creates a natural relationship between the racquet, wrist, and forearm allowing for a natural swing to occur. During the swing, the racquet will be relatively square or perpendicular to the ground, therefore there will be low strike zone and minimal spin on the shot. This is perfect for beginning tennis players as a common sentence most players are taught is to swing from low to high.

Learn about Tennis Grips

Watch this video and learn in detail about the importance of tennis grips and how using the right grip can help prevent injury.

Here is a great video that explains more tennis grips.  Using the right grip not only reduces injury, but ensures you hit the ball cleanly and have a nice even flow to your swing.

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