Tennis Grip for Advanced Players

When you hear the word western, you most likely think of images of John Wayne or Clint Eastwood riding a horse in the wild west. For tennis enthusiasts, when they hear the word western, they think of the radical tennis grip that’s rapidly growing in popularity. As the technology in tennis racquets and gear has evolved, so has the game and it’s players. Tennis used to be a game full of finesse and elegance, with players serving and volleying on almost every point. Now, the game feels bruising, as players are staying at the baseline hitting aggressive and hard topspin shots to all areas of the court. The semi-western tennis grip is a direct result of tennis’s evolution and is now the most popular tennis grip for advanced players to learn for today’s game.

Holding the Grip

The semi-western tennis grip will seem very unnatural from the eastern and continental grip. Advanced players should be familiar with the grip shape of the racquet being an octagon. For the western tennis grip, you want to have the palm side of your index fingers knuckle against the 4th bevel for a right-handed player and 6th bevel for a left-handed player. It’s a massive change from the eastern and continental grips, but will make a huge impact on the court if used effectively.
Tennis Grip for Advanced

Playing with a semi-western grip

If you’re holding the semi-western tennis grip in your hand for the first time, you’re probably thinking, why does anybody hit a tennis ball with this grip? The number one reason for using this grip is topspin. This grip allows players to brush up the back of the ball extremely fast, putting a high level of topspin on the ball. Topspin allows players to hit the ball hard and high over the net, while still landing in the court. By being able to hit high over the net, the result brings a high margin for error as well as consistency to a players game. Topspin also proves to make things difficult for your opponents as when the ball hits the court, it jumps up instead of staying low, which usually results in your opponent having to adjust to hit the ball in their strike zone. With so many benefits, it’s no surprise the semi-western grip is the most popular grip on the ATP tour and the most popular tennis grip for advanced players.

Watch this video by tennis expert, Clay Ballard, on the semi-western grip, and learn how to trick your brain into switching away from the eastern and continental grips

Tennis Lesson Forehand | How To Hit With The Semi Western Grip Fast Brain Trick
If you struggle with your grip …

Watch this video by tennis expert, Clay Ballard, on the semi-western grip, and learn how to trick your brain into switching away from the eastern and continental grips.

Here is a great video that explains more tennis grips. Using the right grip not only reduces injury, but ensures you hit the ball cleanly and have a nice even flow to your swing.

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