Tennis Footwork for Advanced Players

As you continue to add new shots to your increasing repertoire, your footwork is going to become more important.  The way you move your feet to get into position to play a shot can have a huge impact on just how successful that shot will be.  Good tennis footwork for advanced players is vital when playing shots such as the run-around forehand.  You will find yourself playing this shot more regularly the further up the ladder you go and footwork is key to pulling off the shot successfully.

Tennis Footwork for Advanced Players

It’s a fact that most players want to use their forehand as often as possible during a match and there is nothing wrong with that.  If you have time you can work your way around a ball and make it a powerful forehand shot rather than playing a weaker backhand shot.  However, to do that you will need very strong footwork and tennis footwork for advanced players will help you to develop this area of your game.

The first thing you need to do is move away from shuffling across to get around the ball.  This looks a bit like a crab and is too slow for advanced players.  Also, you should avoid is getting your body sideways to the net and back-peddling to get around the ball.  This is also too slow for advanced play and makes the actual playing of the shot more difficult.

The footwork to get across to play a good open stance run-around forehand shot can be tricky but is worth persisting with as the rewards are high.  Using a right-handed player an example, you can take one shuffle step to being the motion of moving around the ball, but after this you need to cross your right leg behind your left leg.  This cross-over step may feel a little uncomfortable to begin with but once you have practiced the steps several times it will feel better.  Having got into this position you need to take your left foot back one step and this will see you in a nice open stance, ready to play the run-around forehand shot.

Be prepared that during a match one cross-over step may not be enough to get you around the ball.  You may need to complete two or three cross-over steps prior to stepping back on your left foot, before you are in position, to play the forehand shot.  However, this should be the maximum number of cross-over steps you use because anything more than that means you are probably not going to get around the ball in time anyway.

Furthermore, you need to be aware you might not get 100% set in your standard forehand position when playing the run-around forehand shot.  Do not worry about this as even professional players do not play a technically perfect forehand when running around the ball.  The key thing is to get the footwork in place so you are in a nice open stance when playing the shot.

Tennis footwork for advanced players is never going to be easy to master but practicing this shot with a playing partner will leave you feeling confident of playing the run-around forehand in the future.

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