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Travel. This week might bring some hiccups for folks hitting the roads or catching flights for Thanksgiving. We’ve got the day-by-day lowdown to help you plan your trip wisely or maybe even consider an alternate route! A Jam-Packed Holiday Week Get ready because Thanksgiving travel is revving up big time. AAA’s expecting this to be the third-busiest Thanksgiving on record since they started keeping track back in 2000. More than 55 million people are gearing up to travel at least 50 miles from home, with nearly 50 million planning to hit the road. Busy TSA Days Ahead The TSA’s also expecting record-breaking crowds this holiday season. Between November 17 and November 28, they’re expecting around 30 million passengers! David Pekoske, the TSA Administrator, says they’re prepped for the hustle and bustle, making sure things run smoothly with airports and airlines. Tuesday: Travel Troubles Ahead Tuesday’s shaping up to be a…

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