Serve Training for Intermediate Players

In our previous article about tennis serves, serve training for beginner players , we discussed the importance of the serve, focusing on the toss and motion. Once the toss and motion have been mastered, intermediate players will need to ramp up their drills to take their serve to the next level. Now let’s discuss serve training for intermediate players.

Target Serving

Serve training for intermediate players definitely see a ramp up from the beginning lessons. Simply making a serve isn’t enough to put you in a good position to win the point. Being able to control which direction you hit the serve and where it lands in the service box is key to a strong serve. To start this drill, place targets in the corners of the service boxes. The targets can be anything: a tennis ball pyramid, hula hoops, cones, etc. Aim for the targets using both your first and second serve speeds to build accuracy and consistency. Don’t move onto the next target until you hit five consecutive serves in the general direction of the target. If you get good enough, you can do this.

Serve Training for Intermediate

Start to add spin

Spin on a serve can help elevate your game to the next level. It gives you more margins for error while adding power and control to your serve. Above all else, spin makes the return much more difficult for your opponent and can win you points quickly and easily.

To start, try and practice hitting a slice serve. The slice serve is a more natural swinging motion than the kick serve, so should therefore be easier to learn incorporate into your game. To hit a slice serve, there are two main things to focus on. First is the toss. You’ll want your toss to be slightly more in front and to the left or right (depending on if you’re right or left-handed) than you would for a flat serve. Make sure you practice the right location on the toss so you maintain good balance during your serve. The second thing you’ll want to focus on is the swing. Swing your racquet as if you’re trying to hit the outside of the ball. The racquet should be in the edge first position as it approaches the ball. Upon contact, you should be brushing the ball from its center to the 3:00 position. If done correctly, the ball should spin to your non dominant side (right-handed slice serves curve left and vice versa). Mastering the slice serve will take lots and lots of practice but can make a huge impact on the court.

Tennis Slice Serve Tutorial | How to Hit A Slice Serve In Tennis | 3 Simple Steps.

The tennis slice serve is a key serve for any serious tennis player.
These three steps will give you a good slice serve if done properly.

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