Roland Garros Tennis Tournament – 8 Crazy Awesome Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

 The Roland Garros Tennis Tournament is played in France, the country responsible for starting the game jeu de paume, which today is known as tennis.   The word tennis actually comes from the French word tenez, which means hold. If you think that’s interesting, check out these interesting facts below:

Fact #1

So who is Roland Garros? He was a French fighter pilot in World War 1 who helped invent and popularize the front-mounted machine gun, which shoots through a plane’s propeller. He also was the first man to fly solo over the Mediterranean (someone had to do it)! If you’re thinking to yourself, what does this have to do with tennis? Nothing really, it has the same connection to tennis as the US Open Tennis Tournament naming one of their largest stadiums after a Louis Armstrong (see fact #6), a jazz musician.

ROLAND GARROS Tennis Tournament

Fact #2

The French Open is the only grand slam played on clay. However, the surface is not actually clay. The surface is white limestone and its distinctive cinnamon color is a result of pulverized red brick.

Fact #3

Some of the greatest legends in tennis have eluded the title. These champions include Pete Sampras, John McEnroe, Boris Becker, Martina Hingis and Jimmy Connors.

Best Roland Garros points

Top 5 moments in Roland Garros – Best rallies

Fact #4

Time for a myth buster. The tournament is not called the French Open. The French call the tournament simply, “Roland Garros”.

Fact #5

The French Open, which started in 1891, didn’t allow foreigners to compete for the title until 1925. An Australian player named Jack Crawford became the first non-French player to win in Paris in 1933 when he beat Henri Cochet in the final.

Fact #6

1989 is the only year in the history of Roland Garros Tennis Tournament that both singles winners had not yet turned 18. Michael Chang and Arantxa Sanchez won the men’s and women’s titles that year. That’s the same year that Michael Chang served underhand.

Fact #7

The French Open has been held in Paris every year since 1891, except from 1939-1945, when it was cancelled because of World War II.

Fact #8

Center court is called Court Philippe Chatrier, which is actually the smallest of all center courts of any of the 4 grand slams. The seating capacity of the court is 14,840. In case your curious, the largest center court is at the US Open, with a seating capacity of 22,547.

I hope you enjoyed my top 8 crazy awesome interesting facts about Roland Garros Tennis Tournament.


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