Right Stiffness of Tennis Racquets for Beginner Players

So, you’re just starting to play tennis and you are starting to get a feel for what kind of racquet you like to play with. However, there is one confusing aspect of the racquet that you just can’t seem to nail, the stiffness index. Finding the right stiffness of tennis racquets for beginner players is often a confusing aspect of selecting the right racquet. Let’s break it down now and dispel some myths along the way.

Right Stiffness of Tennis Racquets for Beginner

Does racquet stiffness affect power and control?

In a word, no, but it may seem that way. Many players think that a flexible racquet will bend and snap back into the ball. But in theory that is not the case. The ball is only on the strings for a fraction of a second. The rebound effect from the racket going back into the ball doesn’t occur as the ball has already left the racquet. However, that doesn’t mean that flexible racquets provides less power. A flexible racquet provides less power because it absorbs more of the balls energy into a racket, while the stiff racket never bends, thus transfers the balls energy back into the ball.

You should know that the racquet stiffness of tennis racquets for beginner players is the exact same as the racquet stiffness for the most advanced pros, it’s all measured on the same scale.  Racquets can be either flexible or stiff.

When energy is returned to the ball once hit by a racquet the amount of flex a racquet has is a measure of where it stands on the stiffness index.

What is the stiffness index?

The stiffness index ranges from 45 to 75. The lower the number the more flexible the racquet is. The more flexible the racquet the more control it will have and the more comfortable it will feel. The more firm the racquet is the more power it would have as it transmits more energy back into the ball. With that said, the more firm the racquet is, the more vibration is transferred back to the wrist, making it more uncomfortable and giving more fatigue to the arm

Here is an excellent youtube video that explains the difference between flexible and stiff racquets.

Watch this video to understand the difference between flexible and stiff tennis racquets

The next time you want to find the right stiffness of tennis racquets for beginner players, start with experimentation first. Demo a racquet that is very stiff, then one that is very flexible and note the difference, then, find one that is right for you by further testing.

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