Right Stiffness of Tennis Racquet for Intermediate Players

As a beginner, you probably didn’t care about a racket stiffness, you were just trying to make clean contact with the ball. But now, as an intermediate player you demand more from your racket. So you started searching on Google and found that racquet stiffness is a major factor that determines how you hit the ball. What you have read is correct, you need to understand the right stiffness of tennis racquet for intermediate players to take their game to the next level.

Right Stiffness of Tennis Racquet for Intermediate

What is stiffness?

If you Googled stiffness of a tennis racquet you will undoubtedly read tons of complex explanations, let me break this down for you. The stiffness of a racquet is how easily, or not so easily, it bends upon impact of the ball. That’s it. There is a ton of science behind it, but that is all you need to know in order to buy a racquet that fits your needs.

If a racquet is classified as flexible, it will give you more control. If a racquet is classified as stiff, it will give you less control but more power.  Oversized racquets are typically stiffer because those who buy them are typically beginners who lack power in their strokes. Advanced players looking for more control and feel, will get racquets that are flexible as their strokes are technically sound enough to generate enough power.

What determines the stiffness?

Most is the material of the racquet. There are many different types of materials that make up tennis racquets and each come with their own stiffness qualities. Typically you will not see two racquets made of the same material where one is flexible and the other is stiff.

How do I know which is right for me?

Even before playtesting you will probably know if your game needs more power or more control, you really can’t pick both. Don’t listen to the marketing hype. Have you ever seen a tennis racquet, or even tennis string for that matter, that states they have the most power, control and feel? Yea me too. Don’t fall for it. You can’t marry a blonde and a brunette at the same time so don’t try to get a racquet with the best of both worlds. When looking for the right stiffness of tennis racquet for intermediate players simply playtest a few of each and you’ll know within minutes which category you like the best

Watch this detailed video to understand the stiffness of a racket

What means the racket stiffness for your game? In this video we show you what it means to play a tennis racket with a high or low stiffness.
Welche Auswirkungen hat ein Tennisschläger mit einer hohen…

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