Right Stiffness of Tennis Racquet for Advanced Players

Selecting the correct tennis racquet for your style of play is very important.  At an advanced level you will have developed a good range of shots and whether you enjoy playing from the baseline or controlling the net, you need a tennis racquet which will help you get the most from your game.  One consideration when choosing a tennis racquet as an advanced player should be the stiffness of the racquet.  We have some great tips which will help you in selecting the right stiffness of tennis racquet for advanced players.

Right Stiffness of Tennis Racquet for Advanced Players

The first thing to take note of is some tennis racquet manufacturers will sometimes refer to racquet stiffness as frame stiffness, and they mean the same thing.  Tennis racquet stiffness is the amount the racquet will bend or flex when contacting the tennis ball.  The ball is only in contact with the strings of your racquet for a split-second but this is long enough for the stiffness of your racquet to play a factor in the type of shots you can play.

Putting it simply, the right stiffness of tennis racquet for advanced players should be towards the more flexible end of the spectrum.  The stiffer the racquet, the more energy and power will remain in the tennis ball as it leaves the racquet.  This results in less control and means it can be difficult to play accurate and precise shots during a rally.  As an advanced player you will want to have complete control over your shots and a stiff racquet is not going to give you that.

A more flexible racquet will result in a softer impact with the ball.  This will mean less energy is being retained on the ball and less power in the shot.  However, the softer impact will offer you a much greater degree of control on the ball.  The increases flexibility of the racquet absorbs more of the balls energy upon impact with the racquet and this gives you a better feel for the ball on the racquet.  With greater feel comes the ability to control the ball better and this offers you the chance to place a greater variety of shots.

With more flexibility and increased control comes a smaller margin for error.  As an advanced player, this should be no problem as you will already have a good control of the ball.  You will be happy knowing any movement on the racquet on your behalf will have an impact on the way the ball leaves your racquet.

One additional note, if you are suffering from tennis elbow a more flexible racquet will absorb more of the power on the ball and vibrate less up your arm.  This is not linked to choosing the right stiffness of tennis racquet for advanced players but is useful to know, especially if someone in your tennis club is suffering from the problem.

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