Right Balance of Tennis Racquet for Intermediate Player

As a beginner tennis player, you might not have cared about balance. Perhaps weight, and looks, was the determining factor to why you purchased your racket. But now that you’re an intermediate player, you are probably asking “What is the right balance of tennis racquet for intermediate players?”. The answer may not be as simple as you think, that is why we have devised an algorithm that will help you find your perfect racquet without having to know the intricacies of a balance point.

Right Balance of Tennis Racquet for Intermediate

What is a racquet balance?

It refers to where the weight is distributed throughout the length of the racquet.  If the weight of the racquet is in the head, it is considered head heavy. If the weight of the racquet is in the grip (or butt which is below the grip) it is considered head light. A racquet that has weight evenly distributed is considered an even balance point.

How can I tell what the balance point of my racquet is?

An easy test to do (without Googling the model of your racquet) is to hold your racket horizontal to the ground. Now, take your finger and place it under the throat of the racket (the middle part where the head connects to the grip). Now, let the racquet balance on your finger. If it dips to the ground on the side of the head, it is head heavy. If it dips to the ground on the handle, it is head light. If it stays relatively in place, it is evenly balanced.

How do I know what balance is right for me?

Forget about all the technology and math that goes behind what a balance point is, it will make your head spin. Do this, demo 3 racquets, one head heavy, one head light and one evenly balanced. Bonus points if all of these racquets are from the same series, meaning find one brand and one brand name that has 4 or 5 racquets named in a similar fashion. Now, determine what you like about each. Does the head heavy racket make your arm hurt after an hour of play? Does the head light racket lack power?

The funny thing is…

You can’t take a racquet that is say 4 points head light and assume that any other racquet that is 4 points head light will be right for you. Because many other factors will affect the balance point.

So when you want to find the right balance of tennis racquet for intermediate players, it is best to playtest each major category of balance points.

We’ve developed a proprietary algorithm that finds your perfect tennis racket. Answer a few questions and we’ll analyze thousands of data points and scour the latest and greatest available rackets for you. Our unbiased and accurate results will save you tons of time and improve your game. Stop guessing at what racket you need and know for sure in under 2 minutes.

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