Right Balance of Tennis Racquet for Beginners

There are many things which must be considered when buying a tennis racquet as a beginner and one of those is the balance of a racquet.  A common mistake made by beginners is to choose the tennis racquet which looks the most appealing or is similar to the one their favorite player is using.  However, there is much more to it than that and one of the key factors is the right balance of tennis racquet for beginners.

Right Balance of Tennis Racquet for Beginners

Why is getting the right balance of tennis racquet for beginners important?  The balance of the racquet is basically where the center of the weight is located along the frame of the tennis racquet.  Therefore, the balance is not only dependent on the weight of the racquet but also the distance at which the weight is applied on the frame and handle.

If a tennis racquet has the weight towards the handle, it will feel lighter when in hand, in comparison to when the weight is in the head of the racquet.  The balance is usually measured from the end of the handle (the butt) upwards towards the head of the racquet.  It can range from 290mm to 360mm and anything which is above 330mm is considered to be a head-heavy racquet.  Any tennis racquet which comes in at 315mm or lower is considered to be head-light and anything between 315mm to 330mm is balanced.

So, what does this mean when using a tennis racquet?

Head-light tennis racquets are generally easier to maneuver and this makes them better for players who like to volley and play at the net.  Head-heavy tennis racquets provide more power and are better suited to those who like to play from the baseline and hit topspin shots.  Balanced racquets come somewhere in-between and as the name suggests, provides a balance of both.

The right balance of tennis racquet for beginners should be head-heavy.  This is because a tennis racquet which is head-heavy, naturally produces a more powerful shot, which means, as a beginner, there is no need to worry about generating power.  That way. It’s possible to concentrate more on the basics of the shot, such as the contact point of the ball with the racquet and shot placement.

Furthermore, a head-heavy racquet will help prevent the racquet from moving and twisting in a player’s hand when hitting shots.  This will give beginners more stability and significantly greater control of their shots.  Again, this is important for a beginner because it allows them to concentrate on making a good contact with the ball, rather than having to worry about keeping the racquet in a good position and not twisting out of shape on the shot.

Here is a great video by Clay Ballard explaining racket balance.

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