Right Balance of Tennis Racquet for Advanced Players

Choosing the correct tennis racquet for your level and style of play is much more important than you may think.  There are several elements which make up a tennis racquet and each of them has an impact on the way the racquet will perform for you.  Examples include the head size, the grip size and the weight of the racquet.  Today we are looking at the balance of the racquet and more specifically choosing the right balance of tennis racquet for advanced players.

Right Balance of Tennis Racquet for Advanced Players

When selecting the right balance of tennis racquet for advanced players, we need to look at exactly what it is you are looking to gain from your tennis racquet.

When playing tennis at an advanced level you will be using a wide range of shots during a match.  Not only that but you will also be looking to place your shots accurately.  Whether it be on the baseline, down the line or crosscourt, the placement of your shots is what will help you to win many points at an advanced level.  Therefore, you will need a tennis racquet which will allow you to have full control over the tennis ball.  In terms of balance, this means choosing a tennis racquet which is head-light.

A head-light racquet will see much of the weight of the racquet in the handle.  This is beneficial to advanced players because it allows you to swing the racquet faster.  You will be able to generate more of your own power on your shots and control the level of power you want in your shots.

However, perhaps the key benefit of a head-light racquet for advanced players is the additional control it provides.  You want to have the ability to place the ball where you want it to land on the court.  A head-light racquet will give you the best chance of achieving your desired results.  Not only that but a head-light racquet will give you greater maneuverability when at the net.  If you enjoy playing deep groundstrokes and attacking the net to win points, you will need a tennis racquet which gives you the best chance of making good volleys.  Head-light racquets are more maneuverable than any other balance of racquet and you will find it great for making volleys and playing controlled shots at the net.

If you have been using balanced or head heavy racquets up to this point, you may find it difficult to achieve the same amount of power in your shots when changing to a head-light racquet.  However, if you want to develop your game and become an advanced player you will need the extra control a head-light tennis racquet will give you.

Head-light is the right balance of tennis racquet for advanced players.  Do not be alarmed if you switch to a head-light racquet and the maximum power you generated with your previous racquet has diminished somewhat.  Even if you do not produce as much power as before, the increased control you will get from a head-light racquet is more important at an advanced level.

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