Return of Serve Lessons for Beginner

Many say hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in all of sports. Any experienced tennis player will tell you otherwise. Returning a serve consistently is much harder than hitting a baseball. The ball comes faster, there is a much smaller area that the ball needs to be returned to and the ball is much more bouncier than a baseball, all contributing an increase in difficulty. Not to mention, a baseball only has to land within a few square feet and a tennis service box is 21 feet long. So where does a coach even begin to teach a few return of serve lessons for beginner players? It all starts with the swing technique, there are two main types, let’s discuss each.

Return of Serve Lessons for Beginner

The Abbreviated Swing

The return of serve lessons for beginner players almost always begins with the abbreviated swing. Take short backswing and use the power of the ball from the serve to direct the ball where you want to go. This requires a stiff arm and solid contact. Sometimes, this is a defensive shot not meant to hit a winner, but meant to direct the ball back into play. The goal is to get the ball deep into the court, of if you see your opponent rushing to net, to hit the ball at their feet.

The Full Swing

Much like a groundstroke the full swing should be used if you feel you can handle the servers power, The serve is within reach and you can properly set up for the shot. These are rare if you are playing a good player. For these types of shots, you want to keep your knees bent and keep in an athletic stance, facing the net and keeping a solid footing on the ground. Give yourself a margin of error and don’t go for the lines. The key here is to keep your eye on the ball. Many players look to where they are hitting rather than their strings on the ball. If you don’t make solid contact with the ball on a serve, your chances of hitting the ball out skyrocket.

Here is a great video that explains the return of serve:

So if you are looking for some return of serve lessons for beginner players, be sure to check out YouTube. You will find a lot of quick and easy video tips. Be sure to practice though, the return of serve is one of the least practiced shots in tennis, but one of the most important.

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