Overhead lessons for beginner players

I am going to show you some overhead lessons for beginner players. In tennis, the overhead is definitely the put away shot, so be confident with your overhead and hit it with authority.

The Grip

The grip for a nice flat overhead is called an eastern forehand grip. There is a rare occasion where you will want to hit a bit of topspin on an overhead, but for the purpose of these overhead lessons for beginner players, we are going to focus on the flat overhead.

Overhead lessons for beginner

Kind of Like a Serve, but Kind of Not

Many tennis players compare an overhead with a serve. There are a couple key differences though. With a serve, your racquet starts low. With an overhead, it should be prepared by your shoulder. Also, with a serve you are throwing the ball up yourself with your non-hitting arm. With the overhead you are tracking an incoming ball with your non-hitting arm.

The body turn

If I were to give one tip when teaching overhead lessons for beginner players, it would be the body turn. So many beginner players don’t turn their body and try to hit an overhead. Doing this produces an overhead that lacks so much power it sometimes results in an overhead return from their opponent. What you want to do is turn your body to the side. This puts your shoulders in position to really plow through the ball with a smooth motion.

Move, Move, Move

The biggest cause of errors on the overhead is poor movement. You want to get almost under the ball and make contact with the ball just in front of you.

Let it bounce

You often see professional tennis players hitting an overhead before the ball bounces. This is because their opponents are usually lightning fast and world class returners. In your case, playing at the club level, almost always let it bounce. Why? When you let it bounce you are taking all the spin off the ball. This allows you to hit the ball much easier and the bounce off your strings will be much more true and go in the direction you intend. A ball with spin will only make it more difficult for you to make clean contact with the ball.

Watch this overhead smash instructional video for beginners.

Try to prepare for the overhead as early as possible. To respond to the overhead point your hitting elbow toward the back fence keeping it with the shoulders parallel to the ground. Use your footwork…

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