Overhead lessons for Advanced Players

The overhead shot is one which is commonly used at the net.  If you are enjoying a good rhythmic match and dominating the rallies you will probably find yourself at the net quite often as you follow up on your deep ground strokes.  As your opponent is scrambling they will hit balls up in the air to give themselves time to get back into position but this allows you to come in and put the ball away with an overhead shot.  However, today’s overhead lessons for advanced players involves playing the overhead from the baseline.

Overhead lessons for Advanced Players

You could be in a match against a player who is using the lob shot regularly.  They are playing it regardless of whether you are coming into the net or not.  They may be playing it to prevent you from coming to the net.  Whatever the reason, you are going to be dealing with a high bouncing ball close to the baseline and this is where overhead lessons for advanced players are useful.

When playing an overhead shot from the baseline there should be a familiar feeling to another shot you play from the baseline, which is your serve.  When serving you only have the service box to aim for but imagine if you had the whole court to aim for.  That’s exactly what you have when playing an overhead from the baseline.

You can practice the overhead from the baseline by throwing the ball high to yourself, letting it bounce and imagine you are being given a free serve anywhere into the court.  This will get you in an attacking frame of mind whenever you play this shot.  At an advanced level, you do not want to be lobbing the ball back to your opponent in a defensive way.  You need to be attacking it.

If using a flat face racquet during the overhead is seeing you hit the ball long try adding a touch of slice to the shot.  This will give you a little more control.

If you have a playing partner, stand on the service line and ask them to send high lob shots over you towards the baseline.  This will get you moving your feet into position before playing the overhead shot as described above.  Take small backward steps when moving back into position to play the shot.  You do not need to rush back into position because if the lob is going to land inside the baseline but travel over your head, it is going to have a lot of height on it.  Practice the foot movement and have your racquet ready to swing back to play the shot, once you are in position.

A good tactic to adopt in a match situation is to aim for the middle of the court the first couple of times you play the overhead.  You may find your opponent can’t handle it which means you do not have to worry about playing a shot with more risk attached towards the lines.

Overhead lessons for advanced players will help you in playing the overhead shot from the baseline in addition to playing it from the net.

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