Our story and why we created TennisRacket.Me?


Who created this site?

Two passionate tennis players, Mike Volkin, an entrepreneur and marketer and Thomas Jensen, a tech specialist.

Why was this site created?

One day, Mike Volkin, a 4.5 singles player was looking for a racket and started to search the web for the latest rackets the manufacturers were offering.  Even though he was experienced, he realized how difficult it was to accurately know the right stiffness index, swing speed and the dozens of other specs that go into finding a racket that could truly improve his game.  So after creating a huge spreadsheet of all these data points that needed to be analyzed, he searched the web for a service that could help him narrow down the over 300 rackets he could choose from. He found no such service, so he turned to his friend Thomas Jensen. Thomas provided some math to the spreadsheet and used some fancy Excel programming to eliminate rackets that weren’t suited for Mikes game.  He then came up with a few matches.  Thomas turned to Mike and said “Bro, let’s not keep this to ourselves”, and Mike said “Dude, I think we’re on the same page”. And Thomas was all OMG and then Mike was all DUUUUDDDE, and TennisRacket.me was born. Actually, Mike and Thomas don’t talk like that at all. In reality it was a super nerdy conversation between Mike, an entrepreneur who has built and sold 3 companies and Thomas who is a super tech geek.

Together, after months of research and trial and error, Thomas and Mike developed an accurate algorithm that analyzes thousands of data points, weighs them against each other and fits the perfect tennis racket to your game, just by answering a few questions.

Trying to keep the service free!

Even though it costs money to create and keep this service online, Thomas and Mike are doing their best to keep this free to all the passionate tennis players out there. So how can you help? Simply share the website on social networking sites and tell your fellow tennis players about the service.  Oh and of course, if you found this website helpful, please drop them a note here.


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