Lob lessons for Intermediate Players


There will be times during a match when your opponent decides to come to the net. When playing at an intermediate level, players are still developing their game and will be aiming to hit good approach shots and come to the net to finish off the point.  You will do hoping to do the same but just because an opponent has come to the net does not necessarily mean they are in control of the point. A good lob shot into the space left behind them can get you back in the rally.  Lob lessons for intermediate players will help you to play a consistent lob shot.

Lob lessons for Intermediate Players

A defensive lob shot is something which is often ignored but can be very useful during matches and get you out of potentially point losing situations.  When practicing defensive lob lessons for intermediate players, always use the continental grip. This will give the racquet the angle we need to produce the height on the lob shot and it is much like the angle you would use when playing a forehand volley.

They key to making the defensive lob is in the swing.  The natural swing angle of the racquet is coming from under the ball and up towards the sky.  Many players will stop the racquet dead having contacted the ball.  You do not want to do that.  The opponent may have you in a defensive mode but you can still play the shot with conviction and this means following through with your racquet after contacting the ball.  An extended follow through should see your arm and racquet move in the same direction of the ball and in many cases your arm will finish in a completely extended position.  Your racquet should finish above the height of your head.

Do not allow your wrist to hinge when playing the defensive lob shot.  Any movement in the wrist will result in your racquet face opening or closing during the shot and you will lose control of the ball.  Keep a solid grip for this shot.

You need to ensure you have a target for where you want the ball to drop when playing the defensive lob.  Anywhere between the service line and the baseline is a good place to aim when playing the defensive lob shot for the first time.  You do not have to aim for the corner of the court or try to hit the lines.  You can play the defensive lob shot centrally in the court with the main consideration being the length of the shot.  Anything too short will see your opponent let the ball bounce once before playing an overhead shot to win the point.  Anything too long and you run the risk of the ball going out.

Remember, you are trying to get yourself back in the point.  You are not trying to win the point or gain an advantage in the rally.  You are playing the defensive lob shot to get yourself back involved.  Practice defensive lob lessons for intermediate players with a partner and perfect your swing and distance control.

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