Lob lessons for beginner players

A lob is an extremely underused but effective shot in tennis. It is underused because club players would rather pound the ball hard right at you as opposed to hit a graceful and skillful lob. There are many lob lessons for beginner players, but they all start with positioning. You never want to hit a lob standing at mid court, or even at the net. A lob should be hit while you are at or behind the baseline.

Lob lessons for beginner

Two Types of lobs

There are two types of lobs, defensive and offensive. A defensive lob is hit with the intent to get you back in the point. Often, this is hit to allow you time to recover to where you should be standing. An offensive lob is meant to be a winner. The offensive lob has more topspin and the defensive lob has more height. An offensive log is usually hit when your opponent is at net and is often disguised to be a passive shot but at the last second you flick your wrist and hit it high. Because of the topspin on an offensive lob, the ball will bounce and spin away from your opponent. A defensive lob has no spin and thus bounces straight up.

What could possibly go wrong?

It is crucial that if you want to make lobs a regular part of your arsenal that you practice. A short lob means an easy overhead winner. Many club players are afraid to hit lobs for this very reason. Often they get burned by hitting a short lob and are forced to deal with responding to a crushing overhead coming at them.

The goal

The goal for all lob lessons for beginner players is to get as close to the baseline as possible. If you hit the ball to short, you have to deal with an overhead return, if you hit it too long, the ball is out.

The number one tip

The best tip for hitting a great lob is coordination. You must look at the ball the entire way. Most club players will look at the court, where they want the ball to land and not watch the ball come off the strings. Missing the strings means hitting the frame and hitting the frame means hitting the ball short.

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