Lob lessons for Advanced Players

When playing tennis as a beginner or intermediate player, the lob shot is often one which is used just to get you out of trouble.  It is a defensive shot.  However, when taking lob lessons for advanced players it is important to develop the lob shot and use it in different situations.

A unique shot which many professionals have within their repertoire is the lob volley.  This is not an easy shot to master but lob lessons for advanced players will help you to add this shot to your game.

Lob lessons for Advanced Players

The key learning this shot is knowing which situation to use the lob volley.  There are two scenarios during a match where you can use this shot.  The first of which is when you are at the net and have played a short shot to your opponent, such as a drop shot.  The ball is not going to be coming back to you with a great deal of pace on it.  To play the volley lob in this situation you need to open the angle of your racquet more than you would when playing a standard volley.  This will help in giving you the height you need to make the shot. Using the continental grip and playing on the forehand side, open the racquet so when you contact the underside of the ball it will send it on an upward line.

As the ball is not going to have a great deal of pace, you need to generate some yourself to achieve the height and depth on the shot.  So, having contacted the ball you must follow through the line of the ball with your racquet in an upward line.  If you can get your racquet finishing just above head height that’s great.

The second situation where you can use the volley lob is during a fast-paced exchange at the net.  There will be occasions when both you and your opponent are at the net and play a few quick-fire shots between you.  These are all likely to be volleys and the majority will be reflex actions, responding to what your opponent has done.

The set-up for this lob volley in this situation is the same as the previous one.  However, there will be more pace on the ball and this means the angle at which you have your racquet will be enough to generate the height and distance you need on the shot.  You do not need to concern yourself with following your racquet and arm through the line of the ball.  The volley lob in the instance is a straight forward shot technically for an advanced player but the key is getting the feel for when to use it during a rally.

As with all lob lessons for advanced players, take the time to perfect both lob volley shots.  By practicing the shots you will become accustomed to using them and can introduce them into your next match when the situation arises.

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