Jessica Pegula Upsets Iga Świątek

Jessica Pegula Upsets Iga Świątek

American tennis player Jessica Pegula surprised the tennis world by defeating world No.1 Iga Świątek in a hard-fought match at the Canadian Open in Montreal. While the victory itself was unexpected, an even more surprising moment occurred during the match when the classic song “Cotton Eye Joe” began playing through the on-court speakers, disrupting a crucial point.

The Match and the Musical Interruption

During the semifinals of the Canadian Open, Jessica Pegula managed to secure a victory over Iga Świątek with a scoreline of 6-2, 6-7(4), 6-4. However, one of the most talked-about moments of the match was an unexpected interruption caused by the playing of the song “Cotton Eye Joe” during a crucial point.

The interruption befell even as Pegula changed into main 4-three withinside the 2d set tiebreak. After hitting a successful lob shot, the song started playing on court, leading to confusion and disbelief among the players and the crowd. The umpire called a let, and the point was replayed due to the distraction caused by the music.

Jessica Pegula’s Reaction

Jessica Pegula later shared her amusement at the situation, describing it as unexpected and funny. She expressed her surprise at the choice of the song and how it coincided with a critical moment in the match. Despite the disruption, Pegula maintained her focus and composure.

Impact on the Match

The interruption appeared to have an effect on Pegula’s performance in the second set tiebreak. After the point was replayed, Świątek managed to win the next 12 points in a row, eventually leveling the match at one set apiece. Despite the setback, Pegula managed to regain her momentum and fight back in the deciding third set.

Match Analysis and Player Reactions

Iga Świątek acknowledged that Pegula’s strong performance pushed her to adapt and change her strategy during the match. She mentioned that the match became tricky, especially in the third set, and she plans to analyze it further to understand what happened during the crucial moments.

Jessica Pegula’s victory marked her second win over Świątek this year and paved the way for her to advance to the WTA 1000 final. Pegula is decided to say victory withinside the very last and turn out to be the primary American to win the Canadian Open due to the fact Serena Williams in 2013.


Jessica Pegula’s victory over world No.1 Iga Świątek was a notable accomplishment in itself, but the unexpected interruption by the song “Cotton Eye Joe” added a unique and amusing twist to the match. Despite the disruption, Pegula’s ability to maintain her focus and ultimately secure the victory showcased her resilience and determination on the tennis court.