Forehand Training Lessons for Advanced Players

As you develop as a tennis player you must keep adding new shots to your game to compete well with players at an advanced level.  As you move up the ladder at your local club or enter more competitive tournaments, players will be using a variety of shots to win points against you.  You need to be able to do the same.  Forehand training lessons for advanced players will help you with this and the cross-court forehand passing shot is a great place to start.

Forehand Training Lessons for Advanced Players

The cross-court forehand passing shot is different to a standard forehand shot.  If you play a standard forehand shot across the court as your opponent approaches the net, they will put the volley away and win the point.  Forehand training lessons for advanced players will help you to not only prevent that from happening but win the point.

The key to making things difficult for your opponent when playing the cross-court passing shot is keeping the ball low.  Even if they get their racquet to the ball it is going to be much more difficult for them to do anything constructive with it.  To do this you need to starting thinking about hitting a specific area of the tennis ball, which is the outside edge.  There is no need to snap your wrist around the outside of the ball.  Just work your racquet around the outside of the ball so the face of the racquet is facing across the court, which is the direction you want the ball to travel.

Racquet speed is very important when playing the cross-court forehand passing shot.  The shot is played with the intent that the ball will pass the opponent.  To do that, the ball needs to be traveling at a fast speed.  This is an attacking shot which is played with topspin so do not worry if you do whip the racket around the outside edge of the ball.  Again, do not snap your wrist.  Instead, concentrate on getting good racquet head speed through the outside of the ball and this will generate plenty of topspin.

Having connected with the ball, do not stop and admire your shot.  There is a chance your opponent will make a volley at the net and send the ball back over to your side of the court.  Therefore, having played the shot take a few steps towards the net so you are in a position to react and play another shot If required.  If you have caught the shot perfectly, chances are you will not need to play another shot.  However, it is good practice to always follow in after the cross-court forehand passing shot and be prepared to play a second shot to win the point.

It can be difficult but do not allow yourself to get frustrated when practicing this shot if it does not go perfectly to begin with.  Forehand training lessons for advanced players are always going to take a little time to perfect.

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