Forehand Lessons for Advanced Players

When playing at an advanced level every shot becomes important.  If you play a shot too short you must expect it to be punished.  Likewise, if your opponent players a shot too short, you should be able to attack the ball and win the point.  A great way to do this is to hit an approach shot while the ball is on the rise.  This means moving to contact the ball as it is bouncing upwards and not dropping towards the court. The following forehand lessons for advanced for advanced players will help you to master the on the rise approach shot.

Forehand Lessons for Advanced Players

When practicing forehand lessons for advanced players and hitting an approach shot on the rise, the ball is going to be high.  Therefore you need to be prepared that the starting position of your forehand is going to slightly different than a standard forehand approach shot.  The butt of your tennis racquet handle should be directly in line with your head at the point of origin. The strings of your racquet should be facing the tramlines and the head of the racquet should be slightly below the butt of your racquet.  To ensure the head of the racquet is in the correct position at the point of origin, keep your grip nice and loose.  If you tighten up, the head of your racquet will rise and this will result in a poor shot.

With your starting position set, you need to be comfortable with running in to meet the ball.  This is an attacking shot and the ball will be coming in short.  To meet it on the rise you will need to run towards it and turn at the same time.

The key to reaching the ball is to not start with your racquet already out and in position to play the shot.  This will result in a poor shot technically and one which will probably lose you the point.  To prevent this from happening, keep both hands on the racquet and turn as you run to meet the ball.  As you start to turn, this is the point at which you need to start your swing.

If you spot the opportunity quickly enough you will have time to adjust your feet as you approach the ball using a couple of quick shuffle steps.  As the ball is bouncing upwards you can use these steps to set yourself in prime position for the shot.

Finally, ensure you always have a target in mind as you approach the ball.  Keep this target and do not change your mind.  Any indecision could lead to a poor shot, regardless of good technique.

The on the rise approach shot can be difficult to master because of the number of elements involved in completing it successfully. Forehand lessons for advanced players like those above will help you to perfect the shot.

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