Drop shot lessons for beginner players

Drop shot lessons for beginner players is one of the best lessons to take. It is such a dynamic, shot that there are so many ways to teach it. Some are naturally good at drop shots and some rarely if ever hit the shot. One thing is for sure, the drop shot, if used effectively, is a nasty weapon to have in your arsenal (nasty is good 🙂 ).

Drop shot lessons for beginner

So what is it?

In tennis, if you hit a drop shot you are doing one of two things. You are trying to hit an outright winner, or you are trying to bring your opponent to net. The drop shot is one of the only shots that can be effective from the baseline or net. Coordination is key. Hitting the ball in the center of the strings is crucial because this is a shot based on feel.

Should I put backspin on it?

Many club players watch the pros hit these nasty good drop shots that have so much backspin on it sometimes it comes back over the net. Please don’t try that at home. They are on TV for a reason. At the club level, you can hit an effective drop shot without backspin.

How do I hit the drop shot?

The mechanics of hitting a drop shot are actually quite simple compared to other tennis strokes. The key lies in a relaxed hand and wrist. If you are nervous or tight on the court, I would recommend staying away from the drop shot. Hitting a bad drop shot turns into a high short ball for your opponent to crush back at you. Allow the racquet to absorb the pace of the ball. Don’t hack into the ball with a chopping motion.

Where should it land?

A great drop shot should bounce at least twice before reaching the service line.

When should I hit the drop shot?

I love hitting a drop shot against a player who is weak at net. During your warm up with your player before a match, make a note of how strong their volley game is. If they have a weak backhand volley, you will want to hit many drop shots to their backhand side. Not only will your opponent dislike running for the ball, they will not feel confident where they end up, which is at the net. I especially like to use drop shots against opponents that have a strong baseline power game.

Watch this video and learn Top Drop Shot Tip

Most players over complicate the drop shot a great deal and as a result they aren’t nearly as effective or consistent with it as they should be. In today’s video tennis…

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