Consistency tips for beginner players

The biggest component that separates a beginning from an intermediate player and even an advanced player is consistency. Most players like to practice the flashy shots like a hard flat serve or a ripping topspin forehand, but they ignore the most important aspect of the game consistency. In this article,I will give you some consistency tips for beginner players that will take your game to the next level.

Consistency tips for beginner


What are you aiming for?

Many beginner players just aim to get the ball in the court, or divide the court in half and try to either hit it left or right. Stop that mindset. I want you to start aiming your shots. Aim small, picture a cone on the other side of the court. The changes are great that you will not hit that spot but having the mindset to pick a target so small will improve your game dramatically.

Create a pattern

Every great player has patterns. You should determine your strengths and set up a pre-determined sequence of shots. In other words, before you even serve you will know what shots you want to hit. This will make you more consistent because you will be hitting these shots, and the sequence of shots, more often. Pros do this a lot. The reason why players are inconsistent is because you are running to the ball while at the same time determining what type of shot you want to hit and where you want to hit that shot. With patterns, you already know those answers, so all you have to do is focus on execution.

Stop muscling the ball

One of the key consistency tips for beginner players definitely has to do with muscles. There is a reason that bodybuilders can’t hit the ball hard. Tennis power comes from a whipping and snapping motion, not throwing your body into the shot. Too many beginners throw their arm and/or body into the entire shot. By developing a consistent swing you will hit a consistent ball.

Practice makes perfect

Many players just show up to play matches then wonder why they never get better. If you don’t practice you won’t improve. This especially has to do with the hardest shot in tennis to hit, and the least practiced, the return of serve. To get better your practice time should be 3 times longer than your match time, at a minimum, and that doesn’t include the fitness aspect. So for every 1 hour on the court, you should spend three hours on your technique and consistency.

Watch this comprehensive tennis tip video for taking consistent ground strokes.

Tennis Tip For Consistent Ground Strokes
Do you struggle with consistency? Having trouble with …

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