Consistency Tips for Advanced Players

As you develop to become an advanced tennis player, you will have a good grasp of the fundamental shots required to compete with players of the same standard as you.  Having great technique and a good repertoire of shots is fantastic but once you have them in your arsenal, you need to ensure you are producing them consistently.  There is little point in knowing how to play a topspin backhand, only to see it end up with different results each time you use it. Consistency tips for advanced players will help to keep your game the best it can be.


Consistency Tips for Advanced Players

Consistency at an advanced level means you should be able to rally with a playing partner for 40 shots or more. This can be a basic forehand shot in the middle of the court or various shots, with different types of spin.  However, you must be able to do this consistently, if you are to stay in rallies with advanced players.  It takes timing and concentration to do it but by attempting this before every practice session, you will become a more consistent player.

Playing the correct shot, at the correct time has a big influence on the consistency of your tennis game.  There are specific situations during a match where you will want to be aggressive.  However, there will also be times when you need to be defensive.  If your opponent is dictating a point, do not worry about it.  Worrying about the fact you are on the defense will lead you to playing an attacking shot, in the wrong situation and losing the point.  Keep your attacking shots for when you are controlling the point or your opponent drops in a short ball.  Knowing when to play attacking shots will keep you in points for longer and increase the consistency in your game.

Consistency tips for advanced players involves both shot selection, as covered above and match management.  It is not very often you will play a match against an opponent of a similarly high standard to yourself and the match will be over quickly.  Matches against players of equal ability can go on for a very long time so it makes little sense to try and storm your way to victory as early as possible.  Prepare yourself mentally for a long match and do not try and make each shot you play a winner, as this will result in more lost points than winning points.  Work to create opportunities for winning shots and take them when they arrive.  Going into a match with this mindset will really improve the overall consistency of your play.  You will not tire during a match as you would if you went all out to end the match inside an hour.  You want a good, consistent style of play every time you step onto the court and pacing yourself through a match, will help in achieving that aim.

Consistency tips for advanced players involve both the physical and mental aspects of tennis.  Working on the tips described above will add consistency to your overall game.

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