Choosing the Right Tennis Racket for Beginners

One of the most important things you will do, when playing tennis for the first time, is purchase a tennis racket.  A quick look in any specialist tennis store, sports store or online and you quickly realize what a huge choice of tennis rackets are available.  Having said that, it’s not enough to simply pick up the tennis racket you like the look of best and start using it, as you will not achieve the optimum results. However, we have some great advice when it comes to choosing the right tennis racket for beginners.

Head Size

There are some great benefits to using a tennis racket with an oversized head, especially as a beginner to the sport.  A tennis racket with an oversized head, increases the margin for error when hitting the ball, which means there is more forgiveness if you hit the ball outside of the center of the strings.  The larger head size also gives you more power, without having to generate it all yourself.  As a beginner, there is nothing worse than having to fight against your racket, when learning how to play different styles of shot and a racket with an oversized head, will offer great consistency.  Oversized rackets can be anywhere between 105 to 130 square inches.

Here is an example of an oversized racket:

Choosing the Right Tennis Racket for Beginners


When playing tennis for the first time, it can be difficult to think about the shot you want to play, where you want to contact the ball and where you want the resulting shot to land.  Thus, trying to accomplish these things and add power to the ball, is not easy.  Thankfully, purchasing a light-weight tennis racket can help.  When choosing the right tennis racket for beginners, look for one which weighs between 7.8 and 9.6 ounces, there are plenty to choose from.  Light-weight rackets naturally produce more power and spin on the ball, than heavy-weight rackets and this helps beginners who initially have a slower swing speed.  As a player develops and starts to generate their own power and spin, a heavy racket can be used, as this will provide more control.

Frame Flex

The amount the frame of the tennis racket flexes when contacting the ball, influences the power it will generate on the shot.  Essentially, the more flexible the frame of the racket, the more it will absorb any pace on the ball.  This results in less energy being exerted on the ball during the shot and a reduction in power.  As a beginner, who will be using slower racket speeds when playing shots, you should opt for a racket which offers a stiffer frame and less flex, as this will provide more power when playing shots.  However, be aware that the stiffer the racket, the less comfortable it will be to use, due to the impact of the shot being felt up the arm.  If you find this uncomfortable or have had an arm injury in the past, you should opt for a medium-flex racket, as this will give you a nice balance.

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