How to Choose the Right Tennis RacketHow to Choose the Right Tennis Racket

In keeping with our mission to help every tennis player find their perfect racket, this article on how to choose the right tennis racket will focus solely on the resources available to you.

We have already written numerous articles on the topic:

Choose the Right Tennis Racket for:

Advanced players-discusses weight, head size and string pattern

Intermediate players-discusses weight, balance and head size

Beginner players-discusses head size, weight and frame flex

However, there are other resources out there to help educate yourself on the topic, but BEWARE, there is more garbage and myths out there then you can…well…shake a stick at (no pun intended). So let me share with you some of the best resources to learn how to choose the right tennis racket:

Tennis Universe gives a very short but well-written article on the topic, and merchant of tennis does as well.

Many players choose the wrong grip size, to get it right, check out this article by

Want to pick a tennis shoe that will actually help your game and just doesn’t look pretty? Watch this great video by Steve Worsley

If you have a scientific mind, please read this great article by the illumin, put out by the USC University of Southern California

The list goes on and on, but the resources listed above will get you to where you need to go in terms of knowledge.

In terms of our algorithm at, our survey will narrow down all these daunting factors to know for you, the last step for you is to demo the rackets that come up at the top of our list for you.  We update our algorithm monthly so our results are always being compared to the latest 300 rackets on the market.

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