Choose the Right Tennis Racket for Advanced Players

There is no greater feeling than having worked hard on your tennis game, to find yourself improving and becoming one of the best players at your club or even in your region.  Chances are, you will have used one or two different tennis rackets by now, as you developed from a beginner, to an intermediate player.  However, having made the step up and improved your game so you are competing with the best players in your club, it may be time to consider purchasing a new tennis racket, which is suited to your advanced style of play. It should not be too difficult to choose the right tennis racket for advanced players. As you begin to narrow down on exactly what you require from a racket, to play your best game.

Choose the Right Tennis Racket for Advanced Players


First, we need to look at the overall weight of the racket and by this stage in your development as a player, you should be looking for something which is to the heavier side of the spectrum.  Advanced tennis rackets can weigh anything between 11.5 ounces upwards and beyond of 13 ounces.  As a seasoned played, generating power and swing speed should not be a problem, so the most important aspect of the racket should be the control and the heavier weight will help to achieve this.

However, make sure the weight of the racket is in the handle and not the head.  This will increase the maneuverability of the racket when in the hand and adds to the overall increase in control to that of a beginner or intermediate racket.

Head Size

Head size is another important factor when choosing the right tennis racket for advanced players.  The key here, is to look for a tennis racket with a smaller head size, as similarly to the weight element discussed above, this will bring increased control.  As an advanced player, being able to have a significant degree of control on the ball is vital in producing the style of shots you want to play and will also increase your shot repertoire.

String Pattern

A further consideration, when choosing the right tennis racket for advanced players, is the string pattern.  Again, this relates to the amount of control and the denser the string pattern, the easier it will be to direct your shots but the more difficult it will be to generate any spin on the ball.  As an advanced player, you will know what type of shots you like to play and if you play from the baseline, using a lot of topspin for example, you will want to look for a tennis racket with bigger spaces between the strings, as this will grip onto the ball much more easily than a racket with dense strings.  So, take time to consider the shots you like to play and make sure the string pattern is suitable for you.

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