Backhand lessons for Beginner Players

Let’s talk about the two handed tennis backhand. Backhand lessons for beginner players almost always starts with perfecting the set-up. The grip should be continental for your dominant hand and eastern for your non-dominant hand. This image displaying the grips is courtesy of

Backhand lessons for Beginner

The Shoulder Turn

Turning your shoulders so they are perpendicular to the net is ideal. You should be looking over your shoulder when you are fully extended in your back swing.


This is an important step because many backhand lessons for beginner players don’t include this step. It is very important that you relax. It is very common to see a beginner player tense up because of the unnatural feeling of hitting a backhand. In your back swing, relax your racquet head and allow it to go below the level of the ball. This will allow you to impart the necessary topspin on the ball.

Uncoil and Bend

As you uncoil your body into the shot, make sure and keep both elbows bent. I realize you may have noticed pros with no elbow bend. Believe me, as an amateur you will want to keep them bent if you want to generate any power or spin. Pros can do it because of their god-like timing. There is a reason they are on TV. For the tens of millions of active tennis players in the world, the pros you see on TV are in the top 100 in the world, for a reason. Be sure to drive through your left hand (if you’re a right handed player) when you hit the ball. Many players use their right hand and have their left hand along for the ride. To practice this, try hitting a left hand forehand.

Keep the momentum

After you hit the ball you may think you can do whatever you want with your body. That may be true, but not if you want the ball to go where you intended. Following the line of your ball with your body is crucial during your follow through. If you pull up, or down, or to the left or right too soon, you will be wasting tons of energy, not to mention the chances of you mishitting your shot skyrockets.

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