Backhand Lessons for Advanced Players

The backhand is the often the weakest aspect of many people’s game.  First, it can be a difficult shot to master and second, with the forehand being easier to learn and the stronger stroke, many players prefer to concentrate more on that shot.  However, as you become more advanced in your tennis ability and start playing against stronger opponents, they will target your backhand if they spot it as a sign of weakness.  By practicing backhand lessons for advanced players, you will become stronger in that area of your game and can turn it into a strength, rather than a flaw.

In fact, with this great backhand lesson for advanced players you can turn your backhand shot into an attacking, point winning shot.  This is much better than using it simply as a defensive option.

Backhand Lessons for Advanced Players

The backhand passing shot down the line is one of the most precise shots you can play but we have some excellent tips to help you master the stroke.  The first thing you need to work on is the height of the shot.  You will play the backhand passing shot when your opponent is moving into the net and any ball you hit with too much loop, will be punished by your opponent.  The ball needs to travel low and flat, without a great deal of spin on it.

To produce this shot, the point of contact with the ball is very important.  You need to be contacting the ball before it passes your front foot, with a flat racket face.  The best way to think about this is to hit the ball just before it reaches the point of your big toe.  You should always be contacting the ball ahead of your front foot.  If not, you will be tucking yourself up and playing a cramped push shot back over the net, which will be despatched by your opponent.  In addition, you need to be meeting the ball at waist height of just below.  It’s no good trying to play this shot from a ball which is below the knee or at shoulder height.  You need a flat trajectory for this shot to work and that can only be achieved by contacting the ball at waist height or just below.

If you find you are missing the backhand passing shot out wide, it is because you are catching the ball a little too late.  As always, it is a good idea to record yourself practicing the shot so you check that the fundamentals are in place.  If you find you are hitting the ball into the net it is usually because you are not playing the shot at the correct height.  Again, this can be checked by filming yourself, especially if you position the camera side-on.

Backhand lessons for advanced players are never going to be easy to master and the backhand passing shot will take time to perfect.  However, once you get a feel for where to hit the ball, it can be a great weapon in a match and will catch your opponent by surprise.

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