Babolat Tennis Racquet

Babolat tennis racquets are sought after by players from amateurs to professionals. They are a top name brand in tennis. You can identify a Babolat tennis racquet by it’s double line logo represented on their frame. Babolat also sells other tennis equipment, such as strings, which also display the double line logo.

You can find a Babolat tennis racquet in over 100 countries and tens of thousands of sporting goods stores and clubs. Babolat was a pioneer in the “internet of things” style of racquets. Their Play & Connect line gives players downloadable data on their swing and compares player stats with other Babolat players. The history of Babolat’s tennis innovation is well documented. They are actually the oldest company specializing strictly in racket sports.

Babolat Tennis Racquet
Babolat Tennis Players
Not only does the creator of, Mike Volkin, play with a Babolat, household names like Rafael Nadal, Andy Roddick, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and so many more also play with Babolat Tennis Racquets.

Have a look at the journey of Babolat Tennis Racquets.

Making History

With so many accomplishments in Tennis, Babolat was recognized by Tennis Magazine as having two of the top 10 racquets that changed the game of tennis. Both the Play and Pure Drive were both recognized on that list.

Who is Behind Babolat?

Babolat is actually a French born company, but only became a household name for avid tennis players in the US since the early 2000’s. However, they aren’t originally known for their rackets. Babolat got their start making tennis strings. They have been doing so for over 135 years. Babolat actually invented tennis strings.

In 1875 a man named Pierre Babolat from Lyon France (where the company is still headquartered, in the same building by the way), was making natural gut strings for musical instruments.  One day, Major Walter Clopton, the founder of lawn tennis, asked Pierre to help him develop strings for a game he called Sphairistike, now known simply as tennis (thank god). The sport became a hit and thus Babolat sales followed suit, and from that point on, Babolat focused on Sphairistike, I mean Tennis, products.  Unfortunately, upon returning to France after visiting the US Open, Pierre was killed in a plane crash in Nova Scotia (Swissair Flight 111). Today, Pierre’s son Eric runs the company.

The Future of Babolat Racquets

As Babolat continues to innovate tennis racquets they also continue to innovate other tennis products, including shoes. Babolat has partnered with another French company, Michelin tires, to innovate the soles of tennis shoes.  Tennis strings still remain the main driver of Babolat sales.

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