Australian Open Tennis Tournament – 6 Crazy Awesome Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

The Australian Open Tennis Tournament is played every year in Melbourne in the last two weeks of January. It’s the first grand slam of the year, but it’s no warm up event! Prize money tops out at over 44 million with attendance topping over 700,000.  With this major tournament comes some interesting history and interesting facts:

Fact #1

The Australian Open Tennis Tournament was actually played in different countries.  In 1906 and 1912 the tournament was played in New Zealand.

Fact #2

Initially the Australian Open was played on grass. Now, it is played on a hard Plexicushion surface. Mats Wilander holds the record for being the only player to win the title on both grass (1984) and hard court (1988).

AUSTRALIAN OPEN Tennis Tournament Plexicushion

Fact #3

Ken Rosewall is the youngest winner to win the championship at the age of 18. Martina Higgins is the youngest woman to win the game at the age of 16.

Fact #4

Over 4,700 rackets require restringing each year, that’s over 35 miles of string!

The best shots of the Australian Open

The best hotshots of Australian Open 2016

Fact #5

The tournament is played during the scorching Australian summers where the temperature regularly exceeds 100 degrees Fahrenheit. During the 2007 tournament, the temperatures got so high that many players had to be put on intravenous drips.

Fact #6

Over 160,000 ice creams and 37,000 BBQ sausages are consumed by spectators on a yearly basis.

I hope you enjoyed my top 6 crazy awesome interesting facts about the Australian Open Tennis Tournament


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